A Better Calculator is Here!

At long last…introducing: A Better Calculator!

We’ve been working on this in secret for several months, driven by a burning desire to see our software work on the iPad (man, how we wanted to pinch-zoom on a graph!). Well, that itch has been scratched–the new calculator is built entirely in HTML5, making it work as well (better?) on the iPad as on any modern browser (sorry, Internet Explorer 7!).

We’ve also given it a thorough facelift, and have started building in some goodies under the surface (piecewise functions, revamped sliders, click-to-trace, and more).

See this graph here: https://www.abettercalculator.com/c/dmyfq4ybh8


Our goal: to make the best, easiest-to-use calculator the world has ever known, and to make it completely free. Because we believe that education is too important to be dominated by expensive, inaccessible, outdated technology.

Try it out. Give us your thoughts. Many of you have already discovered our new chat/email box (powered by our friends at olark.com) to the bottom right, and have used it share your ideas and/or your enthusiasm. We’re reading every message and using all of your thoughts to continuously refine the product. So keep the feedback flowing! Because A Better Calculator (.com) can only keep getting better…

-Team Desmos