Desmos Calculator Updates: Points of Interest and Easy-Access Projector Mode

Hello Mathosphere!

After listening to the amazing feedback from our users, we just launched some brand new features on our calculator. First up: points of interest and easy-access projector mode. Watch the video below to see these come to life:

As you can see, it’s now easier to highlight points of interest such as maxima, minima, x and y intercepts, and even intersections between curves. If you add an unknown to create a slider, the points of interest will updates you change the parameter. This is even better demonstrated in projector mode, which we added to the top toolbar because we noticed how much you guys liked it (yay!).

To see the sliders in action, visit and click the “examples” tab. Here you’ll find demos of sliders on parabolas and cycloids – but we need your help.

We’re looking for your inspiring examples to add to our Help section. If you create an amazing graph that shows off what sliders or points of interest can do, please let us know! Tweet us @DesmosInc, post your artwork on our Facebook wall, or send us a note to The most creative graphs will be featured in our “Examples” section and a #desmazing package will be mailed to the winners.

We hope these new features make it easier than ever to visualize math.

Tomorrow we’ll post another video covering our new parametric feature – please stay tuned!