Introducing the Desmos Educators Facebook Community

When I was a classroom teacher, I often felt alone as the only math teacher at a small alternative school. I was envious of teachers at comprehensive high schools who had colleagues to collaborate with and share the workload of finding resources to support their students. When I became a Desmos Fellow, I found myself in the math department of my dreams. I suddenly had colleagues across the country who were willing to collaborate with me on exciting new classroom activities and share the workload of finding just the right resource to support my students.

At Desmos, we love educators and we love supporting them. That is why we launched a Facebook Group to help educators explore and take advantage of the full pedagogical potential that Desmos has to offer.

First and foremost, this is a community where teachers can find each other and support each other. Curious about other educators’ personal favorite activities? Want to share Desmos tricks that you’ve picked up along the way that you wish someone would have told you about? Maybe you are brand new to Desmos and want to see how other teachers are using this tool. This community is where you can ask all of these questions and more, and share your experiences with peers.

This group is also an open channel of communication between teachers and Desmos: for Desmos to provide timely information and answer questions, and for teachers to provide feedback and suggestions right from the classroom.

When I was in the classroom, I would have loved to have a community of hundreds of educators ready to brainstorm with me about new ideas and help me find resources. I’m excited that Desmos has created a community just like that! Check out the Desmos Educators group. Hope to see you all there!