Desmos Studio’s New Terms of Service

Desmos Studio PBC has a fresh new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to match our fresh new homepage.

You might have a pit in your stomach anytime you see an update like this. You might worry, as we often do, that it’s actually a sneaky power or privacy grab (“surprise, we now have the right to listen to all of your conversations!”). Not so here – the primary motivation for these changes is to reflect last year’s split into Desmos Studio and Desmos Classroom. For example, we needed to change every instance of Desmos Inc (which no longer exists) to Desmos Studio PBC (our new name). We also needed to remove references to Desmos Classroom, which is now part of Amplify and governed by their Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

While we were revising, we wanted to make a few other improvements based on questions and feedback we’ve gotten over the past year. For example, we added clarity about allowed use of images generated using Desmos Studio’s tools. No additional permission is required for these uses – just attribution – even when embedded in a commercial application. Similarly, we’ve gotten some questions about whether Desmos-generated images are compatible with the CC-BY requirements for inclusion on platforms like Wikipedia. The answer: an enthusiastic yes, and our terms now reflect that as well. If you ever have a question about collaborating with Desmos Studio, you can find us at

As always, we try for maximum transparency with changes to our policies. You can see a line-by-line “diff” of all of the changes, and can see the history of past changes as well. If you’re familiar with GitHub, you can subscribe to any future changes.

In general, we recommend reading through any company’s terms of service instead of relying on a summary from them. If there’s anything in there that feels off with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or any related docs, now or in the future, please let us know at We want these to be as straightforward and fair as possible, and will continue to refresh them as we hear from you, and as Desmos Studio PBC continues to grow and change in the years to come.

See the updated policies here: