Friday Fave: Ordered List

Sometimes things come in the wrong order and you need to set things right.

Back in the day, it was Netflix DVDs. In math class, it might be whole numbers or fractions or rectangles.

Animation of reordering the numbers 3,1,4,2 by dragging small cards in Activity Builder

In each of these cases, it will be important that we agree on the attribute we’re using to sort. Is it the rectangle’s height, area, perimeter, or something else? Is it the whole number’s value, or its number of proper factors?

We are excited to announce that when you’re building your own activities at, you can include lists for reordering with the new Ordered List component. You’ll find it under “More” on the Activity Builder editing screen.

What will you and your students sort? There are many possibilities. Here are some activities where we’ve used Ordered List in order to get your creative ideas flowing.

Let us know how it’s working for you! Feedback is always welcome at