Friday Fave: Desmos PD

Whether you’re looking to up your personal Desmos game or reaching out for your entire district - there is a form to let us know you’re interested in learning more!

  • We have a standard 6-hour in person workshop where you can learn about the graphing calculator and using Desmos activities in your classroom.
  • One-hour webinar with a focus on either the graphing calculator or the activities.
  • Conference sessions and preconferences. Keep an eye on and the Desmos Twitter account for details as these events become available.

You can sign up for our interest list if you’re an individual hoping to be notified when an opportunity to sign up for PD opens up near you.

Wanna put together your own Desmos PD? We got you! Head over to our to find tutorials and to check out some slides, presenter notes, scavenger hunts and handouts we’ve gathered. Anything you find there, you can customize to use in any sessions you’re leading. (Also keep an eye out for updates and improvements at, coming soon!)

In addition, we offer two full days of Desmos learning in a series of Summer Institutes, hosted by local schools and delivered by Team Desmos together with the Desmos Fellows. We typically announce locations for the institutes and link to the local sign-ups in late winter/early spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). During these institutes, participants work with the graphing calculator, Desmos activities, and have a chance to make their own activities with real-time support.

And if none of those meet your PD needs, reach out to us to customize something that works best for you. You can get in touch by email: