Friday Fave for April 28

At Desmos, we like to build things that get students talking, and sometimes even arguing (we’re looking squarely at you, Central Park!) There’s lots to talk about in this week’s Friday Fave, starting with the title.

Which do you prefer and why?

(a) Scatter Plot Capture

(b) Scatterplot Capture

© Scatter-Plot Capture

Having resolved (or not) the orthography issues, it’s on to capturing points! The beautiful thing about statistics is that right answers usually consist of ranges of numbers, and they are usually “better” or “worse” answers rather than “right” or “wrong”.

In order to capture a point, you’ll need to pay attention to the trend, and to the degree the points appear to adhere to this trend. A small interval that catches the point is a better answer, but that is not always the advisable thing to try.

So the best answer is one that is the smallest you can make it, while staying certain that you’ll capture the point. You’ll need balance the constraints, and you’ll have something to talk about while you do.

So pair students up, play Scatter Plot (Scatter-Plot (Scatterplot)) Capture!

And while you’re think about scatter plots, maybe give these a test drive too….

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