Friday Fave for August 10

This week’s Friday Fave is teacher initiatives.

We at Desmos are delighted and amazed when teachers use our tools to build new things, new collaborations, and new learning for students in ways we hadn’t imagined ourselves.

For example, Madison Sandig and Chase Orton mashed up Activity Builder and Andrew Stadel’s Estimation 180 to create Estimation Stations.

Or consider Jay Chow. He built support for teachers who want to learn to use Computation Layer–the programming language that connects graphs to tables to notes to buttons and other things in Activity Builder. (Full disclosure, Jay Chow is now a member of the teaching faculty here at Desmos.)

And then there’s the Desmos Bank, and the Daily Desmos, and on and on. So much creativity, and Desmos is honored to play a part in it, which is what makes teacher initiatives this week’s Friday Fave.