Friday Fave for December 7

Parlez-vous français?

Maybe you speak French and maybe you don’t but thanks to a small collection of bilingual Des-users, those who do can use about 80 different activities at ¿Habla espanol? Our collection of Spanish translated activities is smaller but growing. Plus we have several in Dutch, and one each in Italian and Hebrew.

All you need to do is search Français, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, or עברית to find activities that some diligent user has put the time and effort into translating.

Would YOU like to be one of these diligent users? Get in touch! Dan coordinates this work—email him at (in English, please!) and he’ll let you know what it takes to get up and running.

A dedicated worldwide user base with the expertise to translate activities is what makes this week’s Friday Fave possible. C’est magnifique!