Friday Fave for December 8

The Fave is feeling lucky, which is why Chance Experiments is this week’s Friday Fave.

Your students analyze a spinner, and they spin it virtually. But then they’ll design a spinner and test that out.

What does it mean for something to be “almost impossible” or “almost certain”? Does “almost impossible” differ from “unlikely”? How exactly? These are some of the big questions of probability and statistics–questions that Chance Encounters seeks to raise in your classroom.

And along the way, many other important questions will probably surface. How should I subdivide the spinner if I want to get exactly one red in 36 spins? Will a fair spinner always give 50% red? Will an unfair spinner ever give 50% red? Whether you are feeling lucky or not, these questions matter. Linger on them in your classroom.

And if spinners have you thinking about circles, here are three circle-based activities for you and your students.

Polygraph: Conics

Circle Patterns

Lawnmower Math