Friday Fave for July 13

A while back, we were very proud of our system for placing labels. “Works every time!” we trumpeted on our blog. We are still proud of this system, and it works every time if you’re using labels in the ways we had in mind back then.

But our users were determined to use labels in new and innovative ways for which that system didn’t work very well at all. Sometimes when you’re making a graph, you want to put a label in a particular place and not have it budge.

Now you can.

Once you have a label, you can click the wrench to adjust its location. You might want your label to the left, or the right, or above the point. You can do that, and you can change its size while you’re in there.

That’s what makes new, improved label placement this week’s Friday Fave.

Now here are a few activities that make use of labels…

Click Battle

Sugar Sugar

Predicting Movie Ticket Prices

Integer Game