Friday Fave for June 2

The Friday Fave is in its summer splendor. Whether school is out yet or not, the reader must acknowledge that the first weekend in June is something special (sorry, Southern Hemisphere!)

The season not a thing to do with this week’s Friday Fave, though. It’s not antithetical; just irrelevant.

This week’s Fave is Point Collector. Possibly the reader can imagine that there are certain personalities at Desmos HQ that insisted not just on solving the Point Collector challenges, but in solving them more cleverly than anyone else.

Whether you’re just solving for your own delight, or being competitively clever, Point Collector offers multiple routes to success. We offer you some red and some blue points, and some rules about how including these in the shaded region of your inequality will affect your score. How to capture—or exclude—these points is up to you.


So go ahead and challenge yourself, your students, or a clever coworker to a few rounds of Point Collector. You’ll be playing along with the Friday Fave when you do.

And while you’re thinking about inequalities, here are some more activities to explore:

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