Friday Fave: Fit Fights

Desmos is delighted to announce the release of the patent-pending Desmos Fit-O-Meter!

animation showing a not very good fit line, and a meter with a needle that moves from the red into orange, then yellow, but not into the green space on the meter

You’ve got data; you’ve got a line. You need to measure how well the line fits the data, and until today, you’ve lacked a tool for doing that job.

With the Desmos Fit-O-Meter—available exclusively in the newly released activity Fit Fights—you can measure the fitness of a line to a data set. Maybe you don’t need the line of best fit; instead a line of pretty good fit will do; the Desmos Fit-O-Meter will let you know when you’ve met whatever threshold you establish.

Give it a go! Click on through to Fit Fights—a brand-new activity designed for eighth grade, but probably useful in a wider range of classrooms—to test out the Desmos Fit-O-Meter as you and your students get better at building lines to model data.