Friday Fave for March 1

Computation Layer is the glue that holds complex Desmos activities together.

Like math, Computation Layer can be challenging to learn. Also like math, you can learn if you want to.

Here at Desmos, we’ve got plenty of resources to support you in that journey.

First, make sure you’ve turned on Computation Layer (CL) for your account at Next, head over to our documentation site, where you’ll find code samples and “Try It” buttons.

Screenshot of documentation site with a big blue "Try It" button

Clicking that blue button will open a sample activity where you can play with the sample code to see what happens, for quick feedback on your learning and unlimited revisions.

Next, you’ll want to join the Computation Layer support forum, where you can ask questions, read about new features, share things you make, and browse examples from other users.

If this all sounds terribly complicated, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to know that computation layer even exists in order to use activities, such as those below, powered by CL and housed at

Coin Capture: Lines

Linear Slalom

Adding Whole Numbers