Friday Fave for March 17

The Friday Fave is in a spring-cleaning sort of way these days. Window washing, dusting, organizing, and on and on.

While one is dusting the pictures on the wall, one tends to notice the dust behind the pictures, so one really ought to take the pictures off the walls.

And while the pictures are off the walls anyway, it’s a great time to redecorate. And while that’s going on, if one wants one’s pictures hung properly, one is going to need some mathematics.

This is where Picture Perfect comes in.

The challenge is to space the pictures evenly along the wall. Eyeball their locations first. Use numbers, then variables later on. In all cases, bad spacing means pictures falling off the walls.

This is a lesson about linear functions and arithmetic sequences.

It’s also a lesson about the natural consequences of spring cleaning and that’s why Picture Perfect is this week’s Friday Fave.

Now where did that recipe for homemade window cleaner go?