Friday Fave for March 24

Sometimes the Friday Fave just wants to have fun.

There are few things more diverting than a good round of minigolf. Desmos Fellow Jenn Vadnais put together a Marbleslides/minigolf mashup, Desmos applied a small amount of Activity Polish ™, and now it is offered up to you as this week’s Friday Fave: Minigolf Marbleslides

You cannot control your club, but you do control deflections of the marbles as you strive to get them in the hole. Don’t bother lining up your shot; this game is all about the carom.

So next time you need your students to get some practice with specifying and naming points in the coordinate plane, give Minigolf Marbleslides a try. It’s this week’s Friday Fave.

And since you’re already thinking about small versions of big things (for that’s the whole thing about minigolf—it’s right there in the name!), why not check out a few more Desmos activities related to scale? Here are three to try:

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