Friday Fave for May 12

Spring is a great season for symmetry. Flowers have mirror and rotational symmetry. Day lengths building up to the summer solstice are approximately symmetric to those that follow. On the first day of spring a plane through the equator splits the sun into two symmetric halves.

So it is that the Friday Fave is thinking about symmetry on this fine spring day in the northern hemisphere. (Sorry, Australia!)

In this case, it is the symmetry of functions. Suzanne von Oy—high school teacher and Desmos fellow—built the original and Desmos applied a tiny amount of polish to Symmetry.

This isn’t a high-production super-ambitious sort of thing. Its mission is simple—to give students a chance to train their eyes for two kinds of symmetry of functions.

And then it ends with a killer extension.

Simple set up; powerful thinking. That makes Symmetry a Friday Fave.

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