Friday Fave for May 16

If you’ve ever found yourself using your fingertips to trace the path of a point along a curve to help yourself or someone else think about the meaning of right and left-handed limits, then this week’s Friday Fave—Limits and Continuity—may just be your ticket.

Take all those continuity diagrams from your Calculus textbook and make them interactive. This was Bryn Humberstone’s mission in developing the activity originally.

All we did was apply a tiny bit of Desmos Activity Polish ™ and make it available to you.

NB: While students can interact with these diagrams equally well on laptops and on touchscreens, we cannot be held accountable for fingerprints they may leave on your devices.

While you’re in a Calculus sort of a way, here are three more faves:

The Intermediate Value Theorem

Average Value of a Function

Sketchy Derivatives