Friday Fave: Summer Learning

Summer is beginning here in the Northern Hemisphere.

School years are ending.

For most teachers, this means that plans are ramping up for some quality professional learning time (and hopefully some relaxation time too—you’ve earned it!)

This week, the Friday Fave brings you a Top Three list for summer professional learning.

Attend an event. Whether you travel or find something local; whether it’s a Desmos Summer Institute or not, a professional development event is a great way to be among your people—lifelong learners striving to improve their teaching practice in ways both small and large. Events are about learning, and they are also about community.

Read a book. There are so many great books relevant to the work of math teaching. Whether you’re looking to understand your students’ worlds more richly, or to develop better answers to the question When am I ever going to use this?, or to deepen your content knowledge… There are many reasons to read. Enrich your experience by finding a friend IRL or online and reading together. Not sure where to start? Ask around! People love to tell you about the books they’ve read.

Go self-directed For many teachers, summer offers the opportunity to follow an idea, or to consider a question without worrying about whether it will help with tomorrow’s lesson plan, and without a pile of grading looming over them. If you are fortunate to have the time this summer, follow your questions and ideas wherever they lead. Just like your students, you need to satisfy your own curiosity outside the bounds of school walls and bells.

Whatever summer learning opportunities you take advantage of this year, the Friday Fave recommends a cold glass of lemonade and a shady spot outside to enjoy it.

Here’s to summer learning at your own pace!