Friday Fave for November 10

The Friday Fave has featured Point Collector: Lines before, but now that this activity includes Challenge Creator, it’s like a Friday Extra Fave!

In case you’re not familiar, Challenge Creator allows students to create their own challenges, to share these challenges with their classmates, to try their classmates’ challenges, and to see their classmates’ solutions to each challenge.

The Fave wagers that your students will create far more devious challenges than the Des-authors would dare, and that your students will invest far more effort in solving those devious challenges because of their social connection to the challenge’s creator.

In case you’re not familiar, the premise of Point Collector: Lines is that you need to write a linear inequality that captures more blue points than red ones. How many more blue ones you capture than red ones determines your score. You are invited to revise in order to maximize your score.

Now with the addition of Challenge Creator, this already faved activity is even more interesting and challenging. Which, of course, makes it this week’s Friday Fave.

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