Friday Fave for October 5

It is gray outside the Friday Fave’s window as autumn begins in earnest. The Fave is left craving color and joy and beauty.

Fortunately, the Fave has a prescription—for Des-art. And now you do, too.

Maybe your art will take the form of curve tracing of a background image. The following examples, and many more, are waiting to inspire you at

Or perhaps you’ll go a different route and create beauty from pure abstraction.

Many more examples of abstract art live at

Finally, you may possibly find your artistic medium in images that are placed in calculated ways. Shelley Carranza built this beauty with a single teal square and a whole bunch of math.

She added a white square to the mix to make this one.

And finally, she used three images artfully arranged to make this gorgeous pattern.

Whether you are doing art to liven a gray autumn day, or using it as an invitation to mathematics for your students, Des-art—in all its many forms—may just become your Friday Fave every day of the week!