Friday Fave for September 21

Hashtags are funny things.

Mocked, memed, misunderstood, and yet so solidly useful.

This week’s Friday Fave is a particularly useful hashtag: #ImproveMyAB (where AB stands for Activity Builder, of course).

The brainchild of Desmos Fellow Kathy Henderson, #ImproveMyAB is a key to unlocking some most excellent collaboration online. By posting an activity to Twitter using #ImproveMyAB, you are saying two things: (1) “I have been working on an activity (or and idea for one)” and (2) “I have an inner desire to make this activity into something great!” You are issuing an invitation to conversation about teaching.

Of course, the hashtag is also a great place to stop by to see what others are making and to offer your own advice.

A quick peek at the hashtag turns up recent conversations about activities on a wide range of topics, including derivatives, exponential functions, domain and range, and exterior angles of polygons. Do you have thoughts to offer on these topics? Do you need inspiration for them? Do you have something else you’d like to work on, and need to connect with folks who can help? Check out #ImproveMyAB, it’s hashtag-amazing!

And it’s this week’s Friday Fave.