Friday Five for August 12

The Friday Five is enjoying the idea of the Perseid meteor shower this week, if not the reality (the Friday Five has nothing but clouds overhead). If it’s clear tonight where you live, get out there and enjoy! Unless you’re too busy doing math, that is!

Here’s the math you could be doing as you prep for next week’s teaching (or next month’s teaching, depending on school schedules where you live!) Four activities plus one amazing graph that is the product of a delightful collaboration constitute this week’s Five.

Integer Operations

David Cox uses sketch tools—and then number lines—to have students work out some patterns and build the case that 4–(-3)=7.

Scatter Plots

Mr. Rothe takes us through our paces in thinking about scatter plots from many different perspectives. This one is sure to create opportunities for conversation in your stats classes!

Polygraph: Hexagons, Part 2

If you’ve played Polygraph: Hexagons, here’s a follow-up activity for you. If you haven’t played it, hopefully this activity intended to advance student vocabulary will be the thing that motivates you do so!

Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

Yes, you use Desmos for graphing, but now you can use it for graph theory! Luke Walsh serves up dots and lines, and challenges students to make connections (ha!) There are many intellectual good times throughout.

Beast Moving

A little while back, the Friday Five featured a delightful graph by Suzanne Von Oy. Well, Martin Holtham was inspired and developed the beginnings of her graph into a full-fledged walking beast. Enjoy and be inspired to make beautiful things that push the limits of your own capabilities.

And with that, the Friday Five sends you into a weekend it hopes will be filed with ideas, inspiration, shooting stars, and lemonade (summer doesn’t last forever, you know!)