Friday Five for August 19

Sweet, sweet summer.

Fading fast.

Your days dripping like ice cream from the cone.

Back–to–school time always brings out the melancholy poet in the Friday Five’s personality. This week, we have five instances of one of our favorite new Desmos activities: Card Sort.

Derivative Match

A Calculus card sort! Can you match functions and their derivatives? Even if we don’t tell which are the functions, and which are the derivatives? Go ahead! Give it a go.


Sort the functions from the non-functions. And as a teacher, think about what purpose each of those functions or non-functions can serve in a classroom discussion—what misconceptions does each help to uncover?


Geometric sequences develop into exponential functions. Discrete number patterns become algebraic. A card sort for algebra!


Graphs, equations….and descriptive features! A nice extra touch on top of this quadratic card sort.


Match the situation to the model type. Good times for precalc!

There’s your late-August-dog-days-of-melting-ice-cream-back-to-school Friday Five of card sorts!

Enjoy and sort on!