Friday Five for August 26

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere (and not everyone does, remember!) and are reading these words (again, not everyone does!), then it is probably back to school season. Some have been back for quite some time; others have a week or more to go. Either way, it’s the season of new learning, and the Friday Five is ready for you!

This week, it’s not activities or graphs, but resources for doing your Desmos work better and more powerfully. If you haven’t checked out—or if you have but not lately, then this is your week to learn!

Calculator Features

Here’s an alphabetized list of features—from derivatives to trigonometry—that you may not even have known existed. Click through on any one that interests you for videos, tours, challenges, and example graphs.

Card Sort

If you’ve seen card sort, you may desire to make your own, or edit one somebody else made. We’ll show you how here.


Same deal here. Learn to build from scratch or tweak an existing Marbleslides activity (with one caveat, which is that for temporary technical reasons, you cannot edit any of the Marbleslides activities in the original Desmos release.)

Desmos Bingo

Challenges for teachers! Challenges for students! Find them all here, and watch everyone’s Desmos skills grow.

Professional Development

Are you delivering a conference session, or a school or district workshop? This is the place to find our best advice for getting started with your planning.

Whatever you learn this week, make sure to check back often. We’re constantly updating and expanding our resources. And be sure to let us know what you’d like to learn in the future!

You’ll know those uneditable Marbleslides activities by their URLs, which have the form[topic]