Friday Five for July 15

After a well-earned week off, the Friday Five is back.

With bundles!

What are bundles? You ask.

The Friday Five is here to explain. A bundle is a collection of activities chosen and sequenced (with love) by the Desmos Teaching Faculty. Let’s say you start your unit on linear functions with a rousing round of Marbleslides. Then you type “linear” in the search box at and you maybe get a bit overwhelmed.

No longer.

Now you’ll see that Marbleslides: Lines is part of the Linear Bundle. You’ll click through to see the other activities we’ve curated, collected, and annotated. You’ll have our best advice for how to proceed for the next week or two. You’ll see what we hope students will learn through engaging with these activities. You’ll fill in the gaps, as teachers always do.

Mostly, you and your students will experience a more powerful, more Desmofied, unit.

And now here are five bundles. Hot off the presses for this week’s Friday Five.

Linear Bundle

Starting with Polygraph and building towards Marbleslides, this bundle is for classrooms where students have plotted points in the coordinate plane, but have not yet mastered any of the various forms for linear equations.

Exponential Bundle

This bundle starts with a Desmos version of a classic application of exponential functions—Would you rather get paid at a linear or exponential rate? After a series of activities—including the appropriate versions of Polygraph and Marbleslides—the bundle wraps up by having students use exponential functions to model and make predictions.

Functions Bundle

Function Carnival is the basis for the Functions Bundle. Over the course of five activities, students develop their informal ideas about functions into more formal ones, including a definition and studying domain and range.

Linear Systems Bundle

From Polygraph to Oreos, this bundle introduces students to the meaning of a solution to a system of linear equations, and gives them some instruction and practice in introductory solution techniques.

Quadratic Bundle

Students begin this bundle with Will It Hit the Hoop?, move through Polygraph and Marbleslides, and end with Penny Circle. Along the way, they work on activities that help them to formulate answers to questions such as:

  • What are some important features of parabolas?
  • How can the features of a parabola help me to solve problems?
  • How are the different representations of quadratic functions useful?
  • Are parabolas any fun?

There it is—your All-Bundle Friday Five.

Plus one.

Modeling Bundle

Great stuff for precalc students. Trust us and click through.