Friday Five for May 27

The Friday Five is flattered this week, not jealous or litigious. Also it is ready for summer, which—depending on whom you ask—has already begun, begins this weekend, begins next month, or doesn’t begin until December. Your pick. While you’re puzzling that out, the Friday Five will be reclining over here in the shade.

This week: Running, walking, and polynomials with your choice of real or complex roots.

Modeling Marathon Times

The Friday Five is still thinking about marathons after last week, and still thinking about the new sketch feature. So Dylan Kane’s activity that has students build models for men’s and women’s marathon times—together with a new and challenging introductory sketch screen—is a natural to share this week. Good for algebra students needing to flex some modeling skills.

Walking and Wondering

Cindy Whitehead slows things down—velocity-wise—with a walking experiment and subsequent analysis. Tables, graphs, words, physical experiences! This activity offers eighth-graders all of these!

Polynomials and Roots

Dan Anderson brings us an investigation into the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, and a portrait of Gauss to boot.

Visualizing the Imaginary

What’s that? You need more abstraction in your life? The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra isn’t enough? Well, the Friday Five—courtesy of Luke Walsh—has you covered with this introduction to the complex plane. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You add, multiply, and exponentiate!

Families of Polynomial Functions

While you’re in the land of polynomials, perhaps you’d like to meet the family? Er….families? Anyway, Jamie Mitchell offers up an animated collection of polynomial families and invites students to identify what the members have in common.

Now that you’ve explored some great activities, get out there and enjoy the (impending) summer!