Introducing the Next Generation Desmos Geometry Tool (Beta)

Today, we’re releasing a brand new tool from Desmos Studio PBC. It’s the successor to our Geometry Tool, built on top of the computational engine of the Graphing Calculator. If you want to try it out, we’ll take no offense if you stop reading and head to We’ve also embedded some interactive examples that you can play with below.

We’re excited about this tool for three reasons.

First, Geometry is such a beautiful and universal subject. It starts with simple tools – just lines and circles – which, in combination, can be used to construct incredibly intricate and complicated things. Across all of mathematics, and much of science, geometric interpretations help things “make sense.”

Second, by building on top of the math engine of our graphing calculator, this new Geometry Tool gives power well beyond what the previous tool could. You can compute, plot on a coordinate plane, use sliders and lists, and even leverage advanced features like custom colors and actions, all integrated into the constructive geometry world.

Finally, this tool is the first major release of Desmos Studio PBC, and perfectly encapsulates why we formed this entity.

Just under a year ago, we made a huge change to Desmos. We split in half, and the curriculum business and were acquired by Amplify Education, a long-time partner and collaborator. We chose Amplify because we wanted to find a trusted and respected home that could help expand the curriculum to cover all of K-12 while reaching more and more classrooms. That curriculum is cruising, including recently getting a perfect score(!) from EdReports.

As Desmos Studio PBC, we want to focus all of our energy on refining our tools and expanding their capabilities. We want to keep pushing the boundary of what’s possible with accessibility in mathematics. And we want to build new tools to unleash everyone’s inner mathematician.

This new Geometry Tool is the result of countless hours of work across our entire team, and we’re really excited to share beta access with you. Let’s see how it works.

You can construct using the tools at the top of the screen:

Explore this construction

But you also have access to the calculator so that you can, for example, measure the total angles of a polygon:

Explore this construction

…or hook a transformation up to a slider:

Explore this construction

You can even hook that transformation up to a list:

Explore this construction

… or to a list of dynamic colors.

Explore this construction

You can explore beautiful and surprising theorems, like the relationship between “centroid”, “orthocenter”, and “circumcenter” of a triangle:

Explore this construction

…or you can discover your own.

We’re just getting started with this tool. It’s beta, which means that it will have bugs. Please let us know if you stumble upon anything surprising, at It also means that we’ll be making many changes in the coming weeks and months. Some of these might break your constructions (though we’ll try not to!). We might remove features that you love. We might add features that you hate. Please forgive us for all of these transgressions, but please also let us know anything we can do to make it more useful or more intuitive.

The Desmos community is one of the most creative and collaborative that we’ve ever seen or been a part of. We feel so lucky to get to learn with you, build for you, and create with you, as together we explore new frontiers in math on computers. We can’t wait to see what you make.

– The Desmos Studio Team

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