New Activity: Marbleslides

At Desmos, a company principle is, design for delight.

And we have designed something new and delightful for your classroom: Marbleslides.

You see four stars on the screen, and part of a parabola.


You click “Launch”, and marbles are released. They slide down the parabola, up into the first quadrant, through the stars, and fall away off the bottom of the screen. Delightful.


Delightful and challenging, because soon you’ll need to move that parabola around. And stretch it. And restrict its domain.

You’re going to get very good very quickly at resizing, repositioning, and restricting the domains of parabolas in order to match the graphs on the screen to the images in your mind.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cheer. You’ll pump your fist and raise the roof.

Go try it out. It’s delightful.

p.s. Marbleslides for lines, periodics, rationals, and exponentials are ready for classrooms, too.