Retiring Support for Internet Explorer

After July 31, 2020, Desmos’s tools and activities will no longer support Internet Explorer. If you’re using Internet Explorer, we recommend switching to Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Why this change? Three reasons.

  1. Microsoft recommends it!
  2. While Internet Explorer is still being maintained, it’s no longer being actively developed. This means that Internet Explorer users are already not benefiting from the additional development that browser makers have invested over the last few years.
  3. We have new features that we want to add, which rely on consistent browser implementation and standards. Part of the joy of building software for the web is that we can continually add new capabilities as browsers and devices evolve.

We try to balance our goal of continually improving our tools with our goal of supporting every user across different browsers and devices. We don’t make the decision to stop supporting a browser lightly. In this case, we believe that the time has come to thank Internet Explorer for its service and bid it farewell.