How To: Sliders

We’ve had many requests for video tutorials, so our team has been hard at work making these for you. Check out our first one below - and stay tuned for many more to come!

Using Sliders

Here’s a few fun slider examples created by our users:

Let’s Play Some Football! - Use the sliders to move the blue player and football into place for a winning touchdown catch:

Graphed by Luke. Link:

Bee Flying to Honeycomb: Slide “a” to help this little bee buzz back home:

Graphed by Antonia: Link:

Cycloid: Drag the “a” slider to watch the ball roll and trace out a cycloid!


What creative ways have you used sliders in Desmos? Share them with us on Twitter (@Desmos) or post them to our Facebook wall.

For other calculator tips and tricks be sure to check out our user guide.