This Weeks Graph O The Week Was So Cool That I

This week’s Graph-O-The-Week was so cool that I had to make a video about it.

This is the sine function as you’ve never experienced it before - beautifully color coded and with slider bars for each of the parameters. Notice how the pink dot (h,k) shows you where the sine graph would normally have passed through the origin. Moving along the graph, you’ll see that the green and red lines on the maximums and minimums show you the boundaries.

In the grapher, the way to make a parameter “slider bar-able” is to just type something like “a = 10” or “h = 1.5” etc. The left side has to be a variable and the right side has to be a simple number (“a = ½” or “b = 2^2” won’t work). Once you define a variable like that, you can reference it in any other equation and everything will update as you move the slider.

This is a perfect example of sliders - change “a” (the amplitude of the sine graph) and watch the bounding lines move up and down along with the graph. So cool.

Whoever made and shared this - you get two awards: graph of the week, and all around person of the week.

You have try it for yourself. The link is here:

- Eli