Three Major New Releases

Desmos is in full effect at #NCTMAnnual and we’re announcing the release of three major new features.

Transformations in Geometry


We continue to upgrade our Geometry tool. First constructions. Now transformations. You’re going to love how easy it is to explore congruency or generate geometric art.

Computation Layer


For the last year, Desmos has been building activities using a scripting language called Computation Layer. Computation Layer allows us to ask students questions on one screen, then give interesting feedback on their answers on another. It allows us to ask students for a sketch here, then render the sketch as an animation over there.

We spent a large part of the last quarter getting the documentation of those features in great shape, creating a support community around the language, and making the building experience as smooth as we can. It’s now available to you.

Activate it in labs. Start playing with basic connections between components. Ask questions. Build something amazing.



Last night, one hundred attendees showed up for the Best Dang Happy Hour & Trivia Contest anywhere at NCTM. For the first time, we ran the trivia contest through our Activity Builder which allowed us to ask more interesting questions in more interesting ways and to be able to hook you all up the trivia questions today.

Check ‘em out and many congrats to Leigh’s Lemmas for their triumphant finish.