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Friday Fave: Desmos PD

26 July 2019

Whether you’re looking to up your personal Desmos game or reaching out for your entire district - there is a form to let us know you’re interested in learning more!

  • We have a standard 6-hour in person workshop where you can learn about the graphing calculator and using Desmos activities in your classroom.
  • One-hour webinar with a focus on either the graphing calculator or the activities.
  • Conference sessions and preconferences. Keep an eye on and the Desmos Twitter account for details as these events become available.


Friday Fave: Copying and Pasting Data

12 July 2019

There is so much data in the world. Recently getting that data into the Desmos graphing calculator has gotten a lot easier.

Formerly, if you had a bunch of data that you wanted to get into a table in order to analyze it in the graphing calculator, you had two choices:

  1. Transcribe the data yourself, or
  2. Copy and paste a maximum of 50 data pairs from a spreadsheet

Now, thanks to a couple off small tweaks, that 50-pair limit has been lifted*.