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Friday Fave: Keyboard Shortcuts

Graphical User Interfaces—GUIs—are great. They brought us mice and touch screens. They made computing both possible and fun for many many people.

But you don’t always want to have to reach for a mouse. Sometimes you want to make things happen more directly; more immediately.

Let’s say you’re in Desmos working on a graph and you want a new folder.

animation showing typing the word folder in the expression list, which generates a new folder


Friday Fave: Summer Learning

Summer is beginning here in the Northern Hemisphere.

School years are ending.

For most teachers, this means that plans are ramping up for some quality professional learning time (and hopefully some relaxation time too—you’ve earned it!)

This week, the Friday Fave brings you a Top Three list for summer professional learning.


Friday Fave: Space Separators

The Friday Fave is enjoying some late spring warmth and sunshine, and did you know that sunshine comes from 149600000000 meters away?

It’s pretty hard to read that number isn’t it? This next version might be easier: 149 600 000 000. Quite recently, our graphing calculator began inserting those spaces in large numbers. It also began accepting spaces you type yourself.